Spring cleaning? Donate fabric, buttons, thread and sewing equipment to awamu

Robin could turn what you donate into something special!

Robin could turn what you donate into something special!

One of the biggest challenges is sourcing the fabrics and products that don’t damage the environment or have an impact on another community.

To find these things ourselves takes a huge amount of time and research but you might be able to help us….

If you are thinking of having a spring clean and you have thread, buttons or cotton fabric (or any natural fabric) around please consider donating it to us.

We can use for it training or transform it into something stunning to raise money to get even more children into school.

We need:

  • Thread
  • Fabric – especially plain fabric (including bedding/duvet covers if they are not bobbled/worn), we also love cord/baby cord and fabric in all different colour
  • Buttons
  • Zips
  • All sewing equipment can be found a new home where it will be loved and used.

Please get in touch if you can help.

Tom’s dream of going to school has finally come true..

Tom Salutes you!

This March we were able to help 26 more children to enroll in primary school because of your support – the money you help us raise though sales, donations and events is transforming the lives of children like Tom in Kampala.

This is a film from Tom and Teopista – Tom is now 7 years old and was ecstatic when he found out his dream of enrolling in school would finally come true. Please watch so they can tell you for themselves.

Tom’s father abandoned him with his Step mum when he was just over a year old.  She did not not care for him properly and he became severely malnourished and seriously ill.

When Teopista (his Aunty) heard how he was being treated she went to fetch him, She got him the medical attention he needed and became his permanent guardian.

They live together in one tiny room and Teopista ran a small roadside business – she would sell sweets and cakes  she would make around 2,000 Ugandan shillings (0.55p) which they used to buy food for that day – until last year when the Ugandan government banned roadside traders and life became even more of a struggle.

Luckily, the situation was bought to the attention of the women’s group we work with in Bwaise and now, with your help, Tom has just completed his first term in school –  he has a new uniform, shoes, school books and gets at least one meal a day at school.

The women in the groups we work with walk the streets of the slums seeking out children and adults in dire need of their help.

Their support often means the difference the difference between life and death in areas with little or no social services or protection.

Whether it is education grants or skills training that helps guardians earn an income. Every penny we raise through sales and donation goes towards project that are making life better for kids like Tom.

Weebale Nnyo!

(Which means ‘Thank you very much’ Luganda – the main language spoken in Kampala)

Magic Lantern: Tracksuits, furry boots and smiles are encouraged!

The wonderful Kerry Bradshaw and Joey Leech at Magic Lantern are planning their most ambitious film showing to date…..and all to raise money for women and children in Kampala!

On the euphoric eve of Saturday 7th of April  you are invited to a extra special Magic Lantern and Unit 15 collaboration.

The 90’s classic movie Human Traffic will be screened followed by what is being billed as an awe-inspiring clubbing experience brought to you by the world renowned UNIT 15.

There are have limited places at this screening – the last 4 Magic Lanterns have sold out so order your ticket now to guarantee a place.

Tracksuits, furry boots, glow sticks and smiles are highly encouraged.

  • Door open at 7.30pm
  • Film showing at 8pm
  • Post screen party starts at 10pm until 4am

ADV. TICKETS £8+bf BEFORE 31/03/12 £10 AFTER



Ways to help – donate your old digital camera

If you’ve upgraded & have any old or unused digital cameras perhaps you would consider donating them to us.

Our women’s groups in Kampala really needs them to help keep records of children’s progress, gather evidence to protect them & feedback to funders.

We’re also planning a special project with some of the children we are work with – helping them to keep diaries about their lives, friends and families.

I’ve managed to gather about six cameras and we are urgently in need of twelve more to make it happen (though more would be a dream!).

If you haven’t got one you might have friends that do – please help us by tweeting, facebooking, emailing or (even!) talking to your friends, relatives and contacts to see if they can help.

I’m leaving for Uganda on the 11th of February (2012) so this we only have a month to get them together!

Please get in touch as soon as possible if you can help.

Many thanks,


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Video: London to Paris – the movie!

Awamu – London to Paris Ride by Stefan Goodchild

Our team mate Stefan has just just finished editing this small film of our EPIC London to Paris adventure in August.

13 (lovely) people cycled nearly 180 miles over three days through unseasonal rain and wind, we had twelve punctures (two within 20 minutes!) and raised over £15,000 which will support 20 orphaned children like Sentongo and Nagawa in Kampala, enabling them to complete their primary education.

What do you think – fancy joining us on our next challenge in 2012??

Get in touch if you do.

Big thanks and love to Team Awamu: Stefan (filming and cycling!), Kerry, Ian, Tim, Amy, Ben, David, Sam, Joe, Anna, Bernat and Steve (and Emma)….and EVERYONE that sponsored us, came to our events, bought our cakes and took part on our raffles.

Bring on the next challenge!

Our London to Paris EPIC adventures in pictures…

We’re back safe and sound (bar a few achy knees and shoulders) and what a massive adventure we have had – 13 people, 178+ miles, 12 punctures and (of this very moment) we have raised over £10, 899 (enough to support another 17 children)!

I’m still lost for words so here a brief synopisis and a visual treat – 13 sweaty folk peddling to Paris….


Day 1: 56 miles, 6 punctures, the ride of a thousand hills and the pizza of punishment.

Day 2: 43 miles, 3 punctures (on the same bike),  ferry, ‘wow less hills’, a bit of rain….on reflection the least punishing day.

Day 3: 80 miles, more AND MORE hills, sheeting rain and wind, two incidents of fallings off bikes (no one severely injured), 3 punctures, more pizza, cycling through forest (more hills).

Most importantly, we all finished together in Paris and drink a bit of fizz under the Eiffle Tower


A massive thank you to everyone that supported and spsonsored us from all the awamu London to Paris team: Kerry Bradshaw, Sam Carrington, Joey Leech, Stefan Goodchild, Amy Huges, David McDade, Ian Wilde, Anna Gurney, Bernat Rueda, Ben McCormick, Tim Shearring and us (Emma and Steve).

You can see more photos from our adventures on our facebook page > click here

It’s not to late to add your sponsorship – sponsor us here


Paris at last!


THE END. Arrived in Paris around 8pm. Exhausted but exhilarated. our brilliant team who stuck together despite lashing wind and rain. AMAZING. More news to come after a good nights sleep…