Thank you to Draper’s Organic

DraperslogoWe’re thrilled to have received a VERY generous donation of beautiful organic hemp, bamboo and silk/tensel fabric from Nerissa and family at Draper’s Organic.

They’ve given us given us meters and meters of their lush organic fabric – lots of which is already winging it’s way to Kampala to be made into wonderful new items for our shop.

Hemp is one of the most ecologically friendly fabrics – it is a renewable, biodegradable resource that grows well without pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and has a deep root system that helps to prevent soil erosion, whilst removing toxins and aerating the soil to the benefit of future crops.

It’s also naturally UV resistant and wonderfully soft. 

We’re so thrilled – all this fabric will be used to make products by our women’s groups in Kampala and sold to raise money to support orphaned and vulnerable children through primary school and train women in skills they need to feed their families. Can’t wait to show you all our new handmade goodies soon.


Draper’s organic hemp in beautiful colours


Cutting cloth ready for travel to Kampala

Awamu featured in the Daily Telegraph gift guide today

Oof. We’ve been rushed off our feet since this morning packing up orders received in response to being featured in the Daily Telegraph festive gift guide today.

Woo hooo!

Some items are flying out the door so please order whilst you can. Visit our shop now to see what they’re excited about>> 

African businesses shortlisted for Ethical Fashion awards this years…

As we have already mentioned (YES!) we are thrilled to have been shortlisted for a SOURCE Award.

They are Global Awards for Sustainable Fashion, recognising excellence in fashion and sustainability in 12 categories, from every part of the fashion industry supply chain and all over the world.

We are over the moon to have made it this far but we’ve just been reading this article by the African Fashion Guide (who have also been shortlisted) and we are even more thrilled to see how many African businesses have been shortlisted this year.

Congratulations to everyone!

live your life in a way that is helps, not hurts the world

This is nice, today we have a little feature on GreenStreamline.

Greenstreamline aims to provide a one-stop-shop for green “green” – a place to buy and sell green products, and interact with other members of the community with a similar ethos.

They believe being green means being conscious of what is going on and making informed choices about how to live and what to buy.

They feel being green means that you can make informed choices about how to obtain and consume environmentally responsible products, and how to live your life in a way that helps, not hurts the world and the community around you. That is why they invited awamu to be part of the community.

Thank you GreenStreamline!

Please vote for awamu in the Source Ethical Fashion awards

An extremely exciting opportunity has come up, and we hope you can lend us a hand…

Please will you help by voting for awamu in the Source Ethical Fashion awards?

We would love to be nominated for ‘Ethical Fashion Africa. Judges of this award are looking for businesses and initiatives that are proving the potential for fashion made in Africa to change lives, address environmental issues and reach international markets with outstanding products and business models.’

You can nominate us here.

WHY vote for us?

Just look at what we have achieved in our very first year in the slums of Kampala, Uganda:

  • Raised enough to support 48 children through seven years of primary education
  • Given more than 70 children opportunities to leave the slum for a day to play and have fun.
  • Helped 16 women earn extra income for their families – and we are about to launch a business training and mentoring programme for a further 80 women.
But the impact on the women and children we work with can’t be quantified in  numbers. As Regina, guardian of 13 orphaned children, volunteer and our hero at one of the women’s groups we work with, told us: “It’s wonderful to know we have friends – it gives me hope and strength to continue our work.”
How does awamu work? 

We raise money by selling beautiful clothes and homewares. Our products are all made by women in Kampala, and the profits are fed directly back into their communities. 

We use recycled and upcycled fabrics and fittings where possible. Our cotton tees and baby grows are fair-trade and use organic African cotton and non-toxic inks and we promote use of materials that will have a positive impact on the environment – for instance our recycled paper beads.

We use film and our website to give the women and children we work with a public platform and this has led to gaining the funding for a centre that will offer women and children support on issues that plague their lives like domestic violence, maternal health and child protection.

What drives awamu?

Regina with her adopted daughter Jaliya

Regina and our other volunteers are the driving force behind transforming the lives of children in the slums of Kampala. And it is the energy and determination of women like Regina that inspires us. Our vision is to create a sustainable outlet for women involved in producing the goods we sell, so they can earn a living wage.
Where does the money go? 

We use 100 per cent of our profits to: provide education grants and materials for orphaned and vulnerable children, and establish training and mentoring programmes teaching vocational skills to women so they can start their own businesses.

And this is just the beginning of the journey – imagine what we could do with a little more publicity! Raising our profile would help us to change the lives of more children in the slums of Kampala and train more women in the skills they need to become independent.

So please help lift the profile of awamu by nominating us now.

Thank you in advance for your support and the encouragement you have already given to us.

Love from everyone at awamu, especially Emma, Steve and Kerry.

PS. You can watch our videos to hear from the women and kids we work with and what a difference we are making to the lives of children and women in Kamapala.

Magic Lantern gets a mention in this months Marie Claire

Yipeee – more reasons to be jubilant this weekend. Our friends at Magic Lantern have a mention in this months Marie Claire.

Magic Lantern put on magical evenings of fun and film that have raised thousands of pounds for awamu helping us train women with the skills they need to earn a living and ensuring the children in their care are healthier, happier and can go to school

WE LOVE THEM and can’t wait for the next event….what will it be?

Awamu mention in Livingetc

Awamu mention in Livingetc

Finally back online after a week without access – so much to catch up on and will be posting more pictures and updates from Kampala shortly…

in the meantime back in the UK we’ve had a special mention in Livingetc for our soft furnishing and use of bright, vibrant angel wax fabrics!

Look out for new items furnishings, clothes and animals that we will be adding to our shop in the next few weeks!