Elephant love….

Thank you Mia for sharing this with us….this is Eloise, she loves her awamu mummy and baby elephants ♥♥♥♥



A curious Elephant wants to say hello

There are somedays when I am just overjoyed by silliness and love for the things I do!

Our first baby Elephants are ready to find a new home but this mum wants to check you out first!

This awesome animation was made for us by Charlie Woolock, age 13 – a curious awamu elephant wants to check you out to see if you are friendly…this promises to be the first of a series of animations to help you get to know our elephants in depth 🙂

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Birth announcement – our baby elephants have arrived

Today we have been mostly supervising the arrival of a new awamu baby elephant…mother and baby doing well.

Elephants will seeking news homes (via our shop) as soon as they are able to see (no eyes yet!)…

Mother and baby doing well

Elephant facts:

  • Gestation period: 18 – 22 months
  • About 99% of calves are born at night
  • Calves are born with curly black or red hair on their foreheads
  • Calves drink about 3 gallons of milk a day (oh no!)

Baby – available for rehoming soon

10 Facts About Baby Elephants by 5minKnowledgenbsp;