Sneaky peek at out new patch pocket organic tees

Everyone loves pockets right!?

Well, we do. Especially if they are made from our favorite, colourful African/Holladais wax fabrics.

Our super stylish organic, african cotton tees with patch pockets will be in our shop by Monday – there a great way to keep it keep it simple but add a splash pf colour that might tempt the sun to shine here in the UK!

patch pocket tees 2IMG_1735

Organic tees with extra jazz!

steve in new patch pocket tee IMG_1693

We even have some for grown ups! (this is Steve being a grown up)


patch pocket tees close IMG_1737


Get cosy on the sofa with awamu

Don’t know about you, but as the days grow darker in the UK, we grow fonder and fonder of our sofa. So we’ve made ours a colourful, cosy nest for hibernating in with some of our beautiful new cushions handmade for you by Sarah Kabenge.

They are 100% cotton, hard wearing and whether it is education grants or skills training that helps guardians earn an income, every penny we raise through sales and donations goes towards projects that are making life better for kids like Tom and Jaliya.

Visit our shop now>>


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A rainbow of recycled paper beads

A Rainbow of recycled paper beads just arrived from Kampala and shortly to be available in our shop. See how Sarah makes them here..

Carnival bunting by Robina

We’re in a celebratory kind of mood today….the suns out and we’re thinking about all the fun to be had over the summer….

So we though we’d celebrate by offering everyone a discount on some essential party equipment!

This carnival bunting has been handmade for you by Robina from an eclectic mix of african wax fabrics – each one is individual but they are all as lovely and colourful as the one pictured.

One string is £8 but our very special offer is two strings for £12

Enjoy the sun shine!

Sarah Namaganda shows you how to make her recycled paper beads

Sarah Namaganda shows you how to make her recycled paper beads….

You can buy Sarah’s necklaces in our shop

There is a massive problem with rubbish in the slums of Bwaise and Makerer as the goverment privatised collection and families can’t afford to pay for it to be taken away.

When there is heavy rain Bwaise and Makerer floods, rubbish gets washed into water channels that over flow and runs through peoples houses.

The women’s groups we work with are trying to find creative ways to recycle what is around them.

By buying these beads or any of our beautifully products you will be helping Sarah and the women we work with earn an income from there craft as well as helping them to change the lives of the most vulnerable children in their community me.

Each of Sarah’s necklaces are individual and unique – please take a look.

Sarah cares for 6 children (not 16 as she says in the video – lost in translation). Her own daughter and five adopted children including her niece Delphine.

Though she supports many more orphaned children in the community.

They live in small small hut made from corrugated iron and mud and with two people to a single bunk bead.

All of the children she looks after are in school she told us “I make these beads so my children can go to school. Education is everything , my children must go to school so they can all have better lives than this“.

Many thanks to Josie Gallo for editing my shoddy footage!

From scraps to riches – Rukia’s recycled beads

Click here to buy

These beautiful beads were handmade in Kampala by Rukia Ramathan (pictured left).

There is a massive problem with rubbish in Bwaise as the goverment privatised collection and families can’t afford to pay for it to be taken away . When it floods, like it is right now, the rubbish gets washed into water channels and it flows through peoples houses.

The women’s groups we work with are tryin to find creative ways to recycle some of it.


 Rukia explains how she transforms what would otherwise be landfill into beautiful jewels…

I make the beads from papers, news prints, cut offs from printers and discarded packaging. I cut the papers using scissors. After cutting the papers we roll them then use glue to fix them tightly. Finally, we varnish to keep them waterproof. To make bead like these long necklaces can take between three to four days but I think they are beautiful when they are finished.”

Rukia was widowed in 2005 and was left to bring up her young children alone. She managed to raise and educate them despite the obstacles she faced from her family and the community.

Rukia is tirelessly active member of TWG womens group one of the two womens groups we work with. Rukia says “Joining the group has given me confidence and faith in myself. The group has helped me to gain respect in my community and my fellow members are a great source of encouragement – they are now like my sisters who are always available whenever I have a challenge’‘.

Rukia is a modest woman so fellow member Florence Masuliya explained “Rukia joined our group in 2003 and she is now our General Secretary. She is one of our most active members and she has recruited lots of community members to join the group.

 “She is very active in our home visit programme where she provides counselling services to family members in need of support. She also gives first aid services to the sick before they are referred to health units for more treatment and is involved in a other social groups and community initiatives where her services are being high appreciated by all of us.

Children playing with rubbish in Bwaise

By buying Rukia’s beads or any of our beautifully made products you will be helping Rukia earn an income from her craft as well as helping her and the group reach out to more children and families in their community in Bwaise.

Each o f Rukia’s necklaces are individual and unique, the beads come in long strands (c160cms each) so you can wear them long, wrap them or knot them – all this for just £10.00!

Click on the photo above to order.