We’re £3,567 away from the target we need to meet by January – this will complete the funding for the children who have enrolled in primary school this year and our skills training programme for 80 women.

  • Buy from our shop – our first wish is to create a sustainable outlet for our women’s groups so we really hope you will covet and  buy the lovely things in our shop
  • Make a donation – we are a social enterprise run by volunteers with very few overheads (just the cost of website/the materials we buy for our products) a little goes a long way…

£5.56 could buy a school sweater for one child

£13.86 could buy a good pair of school shoes

£243  could cover the cost of skills training for one guardian

£42 could help us refurbish an old sewing machines

£139 could buy a new sewing machine

£66.67 could pay one year of school fees inc. text books and pens for one child

£22 could cover the cost of school fees for one term

£467 could cover school for one child for seven years

£975 could support one child through seven years of Primary Education

Other ways you can get involved..

  • Host a party or other event
  • Take part one of our fundraising events or workshop
  • Are you handy with a sewing machine? Perhaps you can help me develop new patterns or stock in the UK.
  • Do you have thread or cotton fabric laying around? donate it to us and we could use for it training or transform it into something stunning to raise money.
  • Any other ideas? Whatever it is, we are really happy that you are want to get involved so please get in touch.

awamu is a registered CIC no. 7818944